Support the Commons

October 15, 2006

Three weeks adjusting to my new position in a state 3000 miles from where I was six weeks ago has left precious little time for blogging. However, this caught my eye as I was browsing the feeds in my reader. As an academic librarian and one in an environment attempting to learn ways of providing access for our students, I felt this was a good link to post http://creativecommons.org/support/ as my first post in my academic position. Instead of a post on archival management and theory in practice and learning, a post drawing attention to one of the most important aspects of librarianship and access seemed apropos. Especially as I am quite overwhelmed (in a good way) in exploring, learning and adjusting to not only a new position but one in an entirely new cultural environment. Quite the adventure in itself. 

Change happens at different rates in various locales and this one is valiently trying to provide the necessary tools for academic success along with accommodating the restrictions in place for a few years. 

As an eternal optimist (or totally delusional human) I believe the changes will be implemented (more open access, less restrictions on access to outside resources such as restricting certain sights from .edu addresses) in time.

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