Cross-country moving

August 28, 2006

After graduating with my MLIS last May I have been offered and accepted a position in a special collections and archives. The job offers some exciting opportunities, I believe. It is in a rural area of the upper South (at least to me). My first position as tenure-track faculty and I must admit, it sounds nice to have Assistant Professor to my title.

This will be my third cross-country move. This time with four cats instead of the six of last time. Alas, my departed companions whose ashes are going with me. That connection of librarians and cats, an indelible combination.

The logistics of the move have been rather grueling. The rural nature of the area is problematic in some ways and very attractive in others.

I suspect all new librarians (even those of us who have worked in the field for all of their adult lives) have qualms about new jobs, moving to a town, a rural town (can’t stop mentioning that, can I?) where they will be a complete stranger. It is daunting. Some would not do it and I admire that as much as I do the ones that can do it without the angst.

However, the prospect of working with rare books and archives again trumps the doubts I have of leaving this beautiful area. I miss the challenge of seeking and implementing new ways of access; the give and take between colleagues; the students that we can introduce history to and hopefully instill an appreciation for primary source materials or at least, an appreciation for what was before.

That coupled with the pay and the cost of living and the choice was made.

I hope to use this blog in a more professional manner from now on to post about the challenges and opportunities to make older collections accessible electronically. I am already thinking of developing a WiKi and/or blog for the special collections. Newcomers to an established collection must tread carefully and use great tact. Something I will hopefully stay fully aware of and be reminded by others if I don’t.

Ah, if only my USB cable wasn’t already packed I could post a travelogue as I speed (literally) through the upper states to reach my destination.

Posted using IE7 Beta 3 and no problems. Just purchased a Dell Inspiron E1405 (duo T2400/1.83 with 667 MHZ) using Media Center, another post awaits the wonder of Dell. Well, not that much wonder except the price I was able to get it for (exploding laptop batteries notwithstanding).

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