Do we keep score for job offers vs rejections?

May 24, 2006

If we did keep score, I would be even. I've had two solid offers of positions, both of them were quite interesting and both were located in a part of the country that seems to require a "two-income" household to make it on a new librarian's salary.

I've had two job interviews that got to the final cut stage and both of them chose another candidate. These jobs were not on the opposite sides of the continent where I live. However, they were not exactly the area of librarianship I would most enjoy. That is rather a moot point since at this time, employment is becoming quite the necessity!

Options to employment is my graduate assistantship. The second master's degree avenue of pursuit. The offer has been tendered and accepted. Financial aid has been offered and the assistantship comes with full-tuition, out-of-state tuition remission (whew!) and a job in a library for the duration. No housing allowance but… It seems to be the avenue I will be traveling and it may very well be the best option.

I like the idea of pursuing another master's degree, although, admittedly, at my age it seems a bit….daunting to hang out with undergraduates again. I enjoy academia. I enjoy the free exchange of ideas, reading and discussing theory. Hopefully, my presentation skills will get better in this setting and, damn, my writing skills have to improve, eh? Attending class with Millenials might be more of a challenge than I'm up to but….whatever. At least, I can dress way down in jeans and t-shirts everyday. That'll be cool.

The interesting thing is deciding upon a research topic to eventually prepare a thesis or either a project. I'm leaning toward rural medicine in this rural, way rural, Pacific Northwest state. That might change depending upon the resources available and the advisor I choose. Class enrollment doesn't begin until August 16th for me and school doesn't start until September 20. So, I have a couple of months to find a suitable habitat for the cats and myself and move to a city of approximately 12,000 people.

That is the most interesting aspect now to me. The fact I would be living in a town so small. Hell, I've been to concerts and football games with more people.

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