Another masters degree or am I totally out of my mind?

April 11, 2006

I applied for a graduate library assistantship and was accepted. It is totally unfamiliar territory to me. Starting with the location (rather rural) to the concept of getting that masters degree for tenure and other purposes (mostly tenure). I know, usually master degrees have some degree of funding but my MLIS did not. I so totally enjoyed the process of obtaining my library degree that I never even *thought* about getting funding (other than student loans) for it.

Since graduating last May (2005), I have been applying for professional positions and I have been offered two, both in the Northeast and, although both positions had very positive aspects (I really enjoy big cities), the cost of living was just out of reach for a single, over 40, newly-minted (!) librarian.

Lately, I've been looking at positions that are closer either to where I grew up or to the places I enjoy living in or think I would-not necessarily less expensive than some but certainly less expensive than my previous two offers.

So, to become an on-campus student, taking a master's in history, probably a history of medicine or some aspect of health, since the area is rather scarce on history of the book–at least the period and area (16th-18th century, typography, publishing) that I would want to pursue but, on the other hand, my focus on that particular research area is not very focused at all.

An area I find fascinating is how the past 10-15 years has changed the way we learn, the methods we use to retrieve information and how we assimilate it and use it. Not really history, is it? Seems more psychology, sociology or educationally related.

Whatever.  I sent my acceptance letter yesterday and now must determine if there is some way I can live on the stipend without taking out so much student loan monies that my heirs (the cats?) will be paying off after my inevitable demise.

Photographs I took (and I know they are not the best :).

 Downtown is quaint, less than 12,000 people and less than two hours from a major metropolitan area….. Quite expensive in terms of renting but… college towns. What are you gonna do?

 Dry, sunny and windy. Needless to say, incredible views of snow covered mountains and foothills. Wide-open spaces and an extremely friendly town.

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  1. I ran across your blog today and really enjoyed reading about your library-life. You’re a terrific writer and make the world you inhabit so real. I also like your photos! Good luck to you in your M.A. program. It sounds like a wonderful adventure.

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