Cross country job interview

December 13, 2005

I completed my onsite interview for a position of assistant archivist in a fairly well-known institute located in the Northeast.

A nice place to work, daycare (not that the cats would deign to particiapte) but an onsite gym. Wow. Now that's cool. Work out during lunchtime. Speaking of which, an onsite cafeteria.

I must say, a dream job in terms of wonderful staff and exciting projects, and a lovely office that would be the one I would occupy if offered the position.

So, why am I not sitting by the telephone waiting, just waiting, for an offer? Mixed feelings. How can I have mixed feelings when the job offer will or can offer, a wonderful retirement, an idyllic workplace, small and uber friendly staff? The pay and the move. The pay would go far in some (most) places, but this area, well, suffice to say, the cost of living would be lower than here in the upper northwest left coast. Too bad, even though moving expenses would be covered. But, that is all. Close to some water (the Chesapeake Bay) and I, suspect, the Atlantic ocean is on further out there somewhere!

Decisions! Oh, I dislike them when a job is what a professional libarian/archivist needs in this time of of change in the field. Guess it will have to come down to guilt for not taking a great job with good prospets or guilt for taking one that I will have to save and make many compromises to live into my (GASP) fifth decade. Aaargh, reality bites, especially for those of us that are dedicated …. or crazy :) idealists!

Oh well, thus the waiting.

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