I love British Columbia

December 3, 2005

Just returned from Victoria, BC. An uneventful trip, if one counts that I misplaced, lost or was totally ripped off by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Those shifty guys that inevitably search me on every single flight I take. And the Canadian government had a bit of a “shake-up” the day I arrived. And it snowed, a lot, “up island” which in BC parlance, means, north of Victoria, eh?

Other than the lost noise-cancelling headphones, a lovely trip. I stayed at the Royal Scot Suite Inn , which, were I a reviewer on TripAdvisor, I’d give it 5 stars plus. Plush robes, yummy snacks, coffee and the most lovely mixture of accents this side of Boston.

Why are the Canadian newspapers written so much more cleverly, with such a chatty and yet, intellectual, tone? The New York Times notwithstanding, I rarely find that level of writing in US newspapers. Charles and Camilla were featured in the news and in several public places, the James Bay Tea Room, the Empress Hotel, amongst others. And, of course, something about hockey happened. Cool.

Victoria, British Columbia in late November. Quiet, deserted, decorated for the Christmas holiday and thoroughly enjoyable. Sublimely so.

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