Library job interview

November 19, 2005

I interviewed for an interesting position (well, one wouldn’t apply for an “uninteresting” position, would they?) last week. Digital projects librarian, entry level, for a state agency.

Although I had to drive into another state for the interview and no remuneration was mentioned, it was a good experience. There were five librarians that asked me the pre-written, standard job interview questions, but they were quite flexible in letting me follow-up during my answers and I enjoyed the process immensely. It was just really good to discuss topics (the state of digital libraries, conservation and preservation of scanning historic materials, the state of the library world in general in the age of Google “Book Search” :) with other professionals.

Although entry level, I would still be happy to be offered the position were the compensation commensurate with my experience (or just close). We don’t do this for the money, do we? It seems librarians are not being paid *that* much in this area and, technically, I am a “new” librarian. I also really enjoy that particular area of the state. I mean, seriously, if I can move somewhere that I don’t have to drive an hour to actually go to a mall (although I rarely shop at malls, it is a nice option), then I think that certainly is a positive here.

Living in a small college town has it’s own charm. However, I have found after five years, I’m really not a college nor small town type. Key in on the “college town” aspect. Some may really enjoy the prospect of having students living next door that skateboard at 3:00 a.m. whilst drugged/drunk totally out of their minds but, as for me, not so much.

Have had some rejection letters and one rejection email (Harvard). Well, Harvard. That was a stretch. Who wouldn’t apply there??? Maybe someone who didn’t like large college towns in the Northeast. But, I love Boston, so nothing ventured and all that. A nice rejection letter from a Canadian special collections position. Not sure the whole living in the middle of a very wide and unpopulated area of Canada would be any better for my frustration of living in aforesaid small college town but hey, it was a special collections librarian and I can always find something absolutely positive when I’m working with rare books.

Still waiting on a couple of jobs that would be my total dream jobs (and, most likely, the inevitable rejection letters).

In two weeks I have an all-expenses paid interview back east. Not Boston, alas, but near enough to the big cities. Only drawback is the pay isn’t commensurate with the cost of living in the area but, who knows, maybe things will get better, eventually, at least in 2008, eh?

Hope springs eternal or else denial is one of my more attractive personality traits.

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