Library jobs

November 3, 2005

Recent postings on the Newlib-L list (geared toward new librarians) says that there are jobs for librarians out “there”. Out there, Montana, California, the Midwest. Jobs are plentiful, I think. The interview process is somewhat time-consuming but I think that the effort one puts into the cover letter (or letter of application as many job ads say) is a worthwhile endeavor in itself. It helps me to practice, once again, my skills of formulating my thoughts–why do I want this particular job? What can I offer this prospective employer? A good exercise.

One issue that has been brought up is that many new librarians can’t relocate. That is where the jobs are plentiful statement becomes qualified. Only if one is willing to relocate. In my case, I can relocate, the cats don’t really care where they live as long as I treat them as royalty and provide them with all their little feline hearts desire. They care little of the Oregon coast or the sight of Mt. Hood covered in snow from the distance. Nope, I could be living in Abu Dhabi and as long as they had their cat yummies, electricity for the heating pads, cat nip and plenty of food, they would be fine.

But, not me. I want to live here in the Pacific Northwest and I want to work in the field I’ve been in for the past 15 years, archives and special collections. Not many jobs for this particular field in this area of the country. At least, none that are coming open. So, I’m applying all over the US and seeing what happens. It’s an interesting experience to apply finally, after all these years of library work and moving from one library to another, to finally be “one of the group” and actually apply as a professional, card-carrying MLIS librarian.

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